List of effective toothache pills

The most common causes of toothache are caries (medium and deep), pulpitis, periodontitis (acute or chronic in the acute stage), and increased tooth sensitivity.

The reason for the development of odontalgia can also be injuries, accompanied by the appearance of enamel cracks and (or) damage to the periodontal ligaments. In some cases, severe toothache accompanies sinusitis - inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (including the maxillary sinuses).

As a rule, toothache occurs unexpectedly. Well, if you can immediately contact the dentist. If unpleasant sensations appeared on weekends or at the moment when you are at work, toothache pills come to help, which quickly and effectively relieves pain. A list of the best drugs, as well as their prices, we will consider in this article.

Why does a tooth often hurt?

If the pain is severe and prolonged (or regular), then in most cases this means that the cause is also very serious. These may be, for example:

  • Deep caries, in which the tooth can ache from chemical, thermal and mechanical stimuli.
  • Pulpitis - inflammation of the pulp (dental "nerve").
  • Periodontitis is an inflammation of the tissues that surround the root of the tooth. This disease can often be accompanied by the appearance of fistulas and outflow of pus from them.
  • Periostitis - inflammation of the periosteum, usually developing if periodontitis is not treated, but only periodically suppress pain.
  • Osteomyelitis is an inflammation of the jawbone.

Pain relief pills for toothache: a list

The most common toothache pills that quickly relieve discomfort:

  1. Ketanov - perhaps the most powerful drug for toothache.
  2. Nise is also a fairly serious drug, it is often prescribed for post-traumatic, muscle pain, inflammatory processes.
  3. Nurofen not only relieves pain, but also helps to reduce inflammation of the gingival tissue.
  4. Baralgin perfectly relieves pain. With strong sensations, the maximum dose is 2 tablets at a time and not more than six during the day. They are contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy, with renal and hepatic failure, asthma.
  5. Dexalgin has a fairly fast action and long lasting effect.
  6. Analgin is the cheapest and most affordable, but not very effective toothache remedy.

Today in the pharmacy you can find a large assortment of effective pain relief pills. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out which drugs are likely to have the desired effect.

You should know that the effect of any drug individually on each organism. In addition, it is possible the intolerance of the components of the drug, the manifestation of an allergic reaction. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the possible side effects of drugs, given the existing chronic diseases.


It not only relieves pain, but also helps to reduce inflammation of the gum tissue. The tool is very effective, the main active ingredient is ibuprofen. However, the pill should be taken very carefully, avoiding overdosing and exceeding the daily dose indicated on the package.

Contraindications are diseases of the kidneys, liver, hypertension, Crohn's disease. A complete list of diseases for which nurofen is contraindicated is also written in the instructions that are attached to each package of the drug.

Ketanov for toothache

Potent toothache pills. They are not recommended to take more than one tablet per day. Only in case of very severe toothache can one tablet be re-taken six hours after taking the first one. Some people put a pill on a bad tooth, which is quite acceptable and contributes to the removal of pain.


  • high sensitivity to the active substance (ketorolac);
  • acute gastrointestinal ulcer;
  • pregnancy;
  • hepatic, renal failure;
  • treatment of chronic pain;
  • lactation period;
  • age up to 16 years.

This tool begins to act after 30-60 minutes after administration, the duration of action is 4-5 hours.


Reliable and fast remedy for toothache - Indian tablets Nise. They help to cope with a very intense pain syndrome, including - developing with facial nerve neuralgia.

The drug is contraindicated in patients who are carrying a child. In some cases, after taking Nise, side effects such as epigastric pain (stomach area) and skin rash may develop. The composition of the tablets Nise and Aktasulid includes the same active ingredient - nimesulide.


And its analogues - Panadol, Efferalgan. Helps relieve pain, inflammation, and in case of fever, normalize it. Paracetamol is relatively safe, negative side effects are rare.

Efferalgan Effervescent tablets help to cope with pain quickly. It is enough to dissolve the drug in a glass of water and drink. The effect occurs within 15-20 minutes and lasts up to four hours.


Maybe it is not worth spending time studying the instructions for the newest drugs, but simply refer to the tested Analgin? Put a pill on a worn out tooth and wait for relief. Yes, but it does not always come, because Analgin can not cope with severe pain.

In addition to numerous side effects, he is still able to destroy tooth enamel, if used in the usual way. So, if the pain is moderate, it is better to turn to folk or homeopathic remedies instead of Analgin for help.


It helps well with baralgin toothache, but it cannot be taken by people suffering from bronchial asthma, severe liver and kidney diseases, pregnant women and children under 15 years old.

You can drink at most 2 tablets of baralgin, but not more than 6 tablets per day, drinking plenty of water.

How to quickly remove toothache without pills?

Kamistad lidocaine-containing gel is one of the best topical drugs. Due to the anesthetic effect, the sensitivity of teeth and gums covered with medication is temporarily reduced.

Pain symptoms disappear due to blocking the conduction of neurons. Chamomile extract in the composition of the drug contributes to the antiseptic properties of "Camistad".

How to get rid of the tooth with the help of folk remedies

Relief of toothache at home may not always be associated with taking medications that have a significant effect on the body. Often used and folk remedies:

  1. Broth for rinsing the mouth can be made from spruce or pine. For one liter of water you need to take about one medium sprig. The resulting medication is recommended to apply as often as possible before the onset of improvements.
  2. To remove a toothache in the carious cavity is possible by laying a small piece of mummy in it. The same effect has dry tea, moistened with saliva. If there is a need for pain relief at night, it is recommended to brew strong tea, moisten a cotton swab with it and attach it to the sore spot.
  3. Sage decoction. This tool must be used warm, because cool rinses do not help. Procedures should be carried out every 5 minutes.
  4. Dentists from Sweden have proven that crying reduces pain, as when crying, blood pressure in the gums decreases. To induce tearing, it is enough to bow your head over the freshly chopped onions.

If folk remedies do not help, you should use the above pain pills.

On a note

You must be aware that no matter how strong the pain is, you cannot mix it with each other or take parallel various types of tablets against toothache. This is fraught with the development of side effects, and the problem with the teeth is not going anywhere.

The best way out will be to visit the dentist as soon as possible and forget about the pain as a bad dream.

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