What to do when blew neck and can not turn his head?

A disease such as cervical miositis, about which the people say “neck bleed,” manifests itself quite suddenly. And the cause of this disease is drafts, sudden changes in the weather, uncomfortable position of the head during sleep, prolonged tension of the neck muscles during work, stress. Often myositis becomes a complication after acute respiratory viral infection, sore throat, flu.

Unfortunately, you will feel unwell only after some time. On the eve of the afternoon you felt good, but in the morning you began to feel pain syndromes in the neck. If such a situation arises, you can say goodbye to walks and nightlife for the next few days, since all your time should be treated.

Today we will look at what to do when you have blown through your neck, and also the better to treat myositis at home - with folk remedies or traditional drugs?

Symptoms and causes of cervical myositis

Hypothermia and drafts are a common cause of myositis. Especially brightly the first signs appear in the morning. There is swelling of the inflamed muscles, there is a spasm that causes pain. It is localized in certain parts of the neck, covers the temples, ears, frontal part.

With movements, the pain intensifies, their intensity increases. Symptoms are added to:

  • puffiness;
  • muscle tension in the neck;
  • local temperature rise;
  • tingling sensation;
  • the appearance of shortness of breath;
  • lethargy.

Myositis always comes unexpectedly and is typical for people of any age group. However, the most susceptible to "disease drafts" are the elderly, athletes, builders. In general, those who work in drafts or in conditions of increased physical exertion.

Where to go with a sore neck?

With such a problem, it is common to contact a neurologist. A visit to the doctor is mandatory if the neck is blown in a child. Children are very sensitive to various diseases, as illnesses can significantly affect the process of physical and mental development.

If the neck is blown in an adult, then it is not necessary to consult a doctor, but you should not leave the problem without treatment either. What to do to quickly get rid of pain in the cervical spine? You can take traditional and non-traditional therapeutic measures. Let's start with the traditional most effective treatment.

Home treatment with traditional methods

Traditional methods of treatment of cervical myositis are to comply with these recommendations:

  1. To carry out a light self-massage: gently knead the muscles of the neck and back with light ointment after applying the ointment. When inflammation of the lymph nodes massage can not be performed.
  2. To eliminate the inflammation of the muscles to take inside nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Nurofen, Dikloberl, Ketonal).
  3. With an increase in temperature, take antipyretic drugs (Paracetamol, Nurofen).
  4. Apply warming ointments (Finalgon, Apizatron, Nayatox, Ketonal, Nikofleks, etc.) and after drawing wrap the neck with a warm scarf.
  5. In the absence of warming ointments, a warming vodka compress can be applied.
  6. Ensure maximum peace of the neck muscles and more often relax.
  7. Sleep on a comfortable pillow.
  8. Avoid drafts and sudden changes in temperature.
  9. For unbearable pains contact a doctor for a Novocainic blockade.
  10. For inflammation of the lymph node, you should immediately consult a doctor, as self-treatment at home is fraught with complications.
  11. Such traditional methods of treatment will quickly save you from the unpleasant effects of hypothermia neck. If the treatment does not give an effect in 2-3 days, then I strongly recommend visiting a neurologist, since complications can develop suddenly and very quickly.

A cold neck can be treated not only with traditional, but also with non-traditional or folk remedies. Let's go to them.

Effective folk remedies

Cervical inflammatory miositis is allowed to be treated with folk remedies only under one condition: if it is not particularly serious and proceeds without complications. How to treat the above problem at home offers us alternative medicine? Below is a list of easy-to-prepare and apply folk remedies:

  1. Vodka compress. Regular vodka can replace warming ointments. For the preparation of a compress you will need a cut of gauze or a wide bandage, folded in several layers. It needs to be saturated with vodka and applied to a sore spot, covered with any film on top. It is recommended to use a scarf or shawl to secure the compress and additional heat. This compress can be used during the day, if possible, or at bedtime.
  2. Compress from potatoes perfectly warms the neck and significantly reduces the swelling of muscle fibers, allowing you to relieve pain. For its preparation it is required to boil in the uniform (it is useless to use peeled potatoes) 4 large potatoes to a very soft state. After that, they should be mashed, chopped them together with the peel. Next, the mass is wrapped in cotton and applied to the neck. Top compress woolen woolen scarf at a few turns. Leave this vegetable medicine to cool. After removing the compress, the neck is rubbed with vodka and re-wrapped with a scarf. Treatment lasts until complete recovery. The procedure should be carried out before going to sleep, because after such a deep warming up the body needs rest.
  3. Compress of burdock. For a compress, use ordinary burdock leaves, well washed and scalded with boiling water. They are applied to the sore spot and fixed with a warm cloth, usually wool. Compress should be worn for 3-5 hours for the greatest effect.
  4. Horseradish compress is an excellent warming agent that allows you to remove all the unpleasant manifestations of the disease as soon as possible. To do this, 200 g of grated horseradish root is wrapped in two layers of gauze and applied to the neck. After that, the compress is fixed with a cotton cloth and left for as long as possible, but not more than 12 hours. Depending on the individual sensitivity, each patient can suffer a burning sensation for a different period of time: one will not last more than 30 minutes, and the other will warm up for 12 hours without much discomfort. As soon as the burning sensation becomes unbearable, the compress is removed and the neck is rubbed with vegetable oil or fat cream. Treatment lasts until the complete disappearance of pain and stiffness.
  5. Tincture of lilac flowers is an effective remedy against any muscle inflammation. To obtain it, 100 g of fresh flowers of white lilac pour 500 ml of medical alcohol and set to infuse in a dark cool place for at least 10 days. Strain the drug is not required, since the more he insists, the stronger it becomes. They rub the sore spot up to 10 times a day until the complete disappearance of pain.

To always be fully prepared, it is important to know what to do if the neck is stretched, how to treat such a condition correctly. The use of folk remedies has proven its high efficiency. Many people save themselves from pain without resorting to the use of ointments or taking pills. If after a few days of self-treatment with natural remedies there is no improvement, it is necessary to consult a doctor in order to avoid any complications of cervical myositis.

General recommendations

Comprehensive treatment of myositis includes the following items:

  1. Provide maximum muscle peace.
  2. The first 3 days are recommended to adhere to bed rest.
  3. The first few days to follow a diet, that is, to exclude from the diet all fatty, fried, smoked and salty foods.
  4. Drink a sufficient amount of water, that is, not less than 2 liters.
  5. To make a light massage, but only in case of weak pain.
  6. Follow all recommendations of the attending physician.
  7. Engage in physical therapy (periodic rotation of the head accelerates blood circulation, which leads to a speedy recovery), but only in the absence of severe pain and inflammation.
  8. In case of severe pain, consult a doctor again for the possible implementation of a Novocainic blockade.
  9. Without the need not to use painkillers, only if the pain does not stop or does not allow to fall asleep.
  10. To prevent further hypothermia of the inflamed area, that is, to exclude all sorts of drafts, wear a scarf or sweaters with high neck, in the fall and spring to wear a hood.
  11. Colds should be treated to the end (do not go to work or study until the end of the hospital, it is better to completely get rid of the disease).
  12. During sleep, use an anatomically shaped pillow to prevent re-spasm of the muscles.

You can supplement the treatment by heating with an infrared lamp, but this procedure should also be prescribed by a doctor.


If you do not treat the myositis in time, serious consequences can arise: purulent form of myositis, subluxation of the intervertebral joints in the cervical region, intervertebral hernia. They also include inflammation of the muscles in the larynx, pharynx and even the esophagus. Sometimes there is shortness of breath, cough.


After the disease or with frequent exacerbations:

  1. Going to bed, make sure that you lie down comfortably, your head should not lie too high.
  2. You can not go out with a heated body (for example, immediately after a bath, physical training, etc.).
  3. Do not overcool the neck, always cover it with a scarf from the wind and if possible wear a hood.
  4. During prolonged work, knead the neck with the exercises described above.
  5. Choose the right, suitable for you, orthopedic pillow.
  6. In remission, a douche is shown.

You need to carefully take care of your health, so that you do not suffer from severe pain and do not spend money on expensive medicines. No wonder parents and grandparents from childhood teach children to dress warmly. In order not to blow the neck, do not forget to do daily exercises, dress "according to the weather" and avoid drafts. In cold and windy weather, be sure to wear a scarf. Take care of yourself!

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