All about Meniere's disease: symptoms, causes, treatment and prognosis

Meniere's disease is a pathological lesion of the cavity of the inner ear, having a non-inflammatory genesis. It is manifested by a number of symptoms - tinnitus, dizziness, hearing loss, which can turn into complete deafness. Parallel to this, there is staggering gait and incoordination. Such symptoms are due to the accumulation of large amounts of fluid in the maze with increasing pressure inside it.

Tonsillitis - symptoms and treatment at home in adults

Tonsillitis affects the tonsils, thereby causing inflammation in them. It belongs to the group of infectious diseases, the causative agent of which is a viral or bacterial infection. Acute tonsillitis is often referred to as angina, and its chronic form is diagnosed in 10-15% of the world's population. The characteristic symptoms of tonsillitis are manifested in an increase in body temperature, which is accompanied by pain in a grief of varying intensity.

Symptoms of myocardial infarction, the first signs

Myocardial infarction is an emergency condition, most often caused by thrombosis of the coronary artery. The risk of death is particularly great in the first 2 hours of its onset. Most often develops in men aged 40 to 60 years. In women, symptoms of heart attack occur about one and a half to two times less. During myocardial infarction, blood flow to a specific area of ​​the heart is greatly reduced or stopped altogether.

Chronic heart failure

Chronic heart failure (CHF) is a condition in which the volume of blood emitted by the heart decreases for each heartbeat, that is, the pumping function of the heart drops, resulting in organs and tissues lacking oxygen. About 15 million Russians suffer from this disease.